tgtextView and line spacing


I would like to modify the default font in TGTextView.
While I found how to change the font from an old post:

TGFontPool *pool = gClient->GetFontPool();
// family , size (minus value - in pixels, positive value - in points), weight, slant
// kFontWeightNormal, kFontSlantRoman are defined in TGFont.h
TGFont *font = pool->GetFont(“helvetica”, -14, kFontWeightMedium, kFontSlantRoman);
FontStruct_t ft = font->GetFontStruct();

I could not find how to increase the line spacing. Is there a way of doing it?

Thanks in advance,

Bertrand Roessli


Sorry for the late reply… :blush: The line spacing cannot be changed (only the font can be)

Cheers, Bertrand.