TGTextEntry curser blinking when disabled?

Dear Rooters,

is it meant to be that when a TGTextEntry is disabled it still starts a curser when it gets a event(kEnterNotify)? I would think that when it is disabled that no curser will start blinking, when I move the mouse over the textentry.
Therefore I would add a line in the function in TGTextEntry.cxx:

[code] Bool_t TGTextEntry::HandleCrossing(Event_t *event)
// Handle mouse crossing event.

if (fTip) {
if (event->fType == kEnterNotify)

// Return if we are disabled <------this line was added
if (!IsEnabled()) return kTRUE; <------this line was added

// only turn off/on cursor if widget does not have the focus
if (gVirtualX->GetInputFocus() != fId) {
if (event->fType == kEnterNotify) {
fCursorOn = kTRUE;
if (!fCurBlink) fCurBlink = new TBlinkTimer(this, 500);
} else {
fCursorOn = kFALSE;
// fSelectionOn = kFALSE; // "netscape location behavior"
if (fCurBlink) fCurBlink->Remove();

return kTRUE;
As you can see I would leave the TGToolTip active. Then you can use the TGTextEntry for Status outputs as well.

Maybe I am wrong, and there is a reason for the curser to be blinking. If there is one, please let me know why.

Thank you


Hi Lutz,

Thank you for reporting this bug. The proposed code will take place in cvs.

Best regards, Ilka