TGTextButton and greek letters

For my application, I need to mix Latin font and greek letter (mainly alpha, gamma and sigma) in the TGCheckButton (for nuclear reactions). I found a way to put only symbol font or latin font but I didn’t succeed to mix them. Is there a way to do that?
Thanks very much

Hi Olivier,

There is one font used for GUI labels at time. As a workaround I could propose to use Greek symbols in TGCheckButton and to provide additional information in the tool tip help in Latin (or vise versa). Another solution is to find a special font that contains both character sets inside and to exercise with it.

Cheers, Ilka

In fact, the TLatex class allows to display text strings containing symbols (Greek, Math, etc.) and Latin characters. So we will investigate the possibility to use TLatex strings in labels. I have put that in our ToDo list.

Cheers, Ilka

Hello Ilka,
By some reason my reply that mentioned the Qt solution disappeared.
Any way one can imagine the pure ROOT soltuion also.

  1. TPad object is backed by some low level “pixmap”. i.e. it is the offscreen invisible object.
  2. Let’s imagine one can create the TPad object without the mother TCanvas
    (one can think about “class TEmbeddedPad : public TPad”)
  3. One can use the LaTex class and all other ROOT classes with Draw method to fill that TPad offscreen (pay your attention it has no TCanvas mother)
  4. The step 3. should create “pixmap” suitable to to paint over any other GUI - non -TPad widget

(for example, this way one does not need any trick with TArrow “symbolic representation” for TArrowEditor. Just create TEmbeddedPad, draw there TArrow object and use the pixmap to populate the TGComboBox.

What do you think ?

Hi Valeri,

I saw your posting and have no idea why it disappeared. About TLatex - some usefull triks might help - nothing wrong to investigate in this direction.

Cheers, Ilka

About TLatex - some usefull triks might help - nothing wrong to investigate in this direction.
Cheers, Ilka[/quote]
Yes, I think the trick with orphan TPad object may have resolved this and help with many similar future requests and it should be simple to implement.
I’ll try that just after CHEP :smiley: