TGTab: multirow or side tabs?


we are trying to build a TGTab with a great number of tabs. In order to accumulate all tabs in a small window, we would like to use a multirow or a side tab option (vertical tabs). I found a post from dec. 2004 ( … ight=tgtab) claiming that a prototype existed, but wasn’t official at that time. During the last 4 years, has anybody implemented such a multirow option or does a side tab option exist?

Thank you for your help and answer.



Hi Antje,

We had several discussions about this TGTab issue, and we didn’t find a good way to solve this (scrollable, multi-level, …) Then nothing has been done so far. But we’ll keep it in our todo list.
BTW, this kind of problem is sometimes a symptom of bad GUI design…


STAR uses the QTabBar/QTabWidget classes with the embedded TCanvas for its online monitor applications. I know many LHC online / DAQ groups do the same.
QTabWidget can be nested. This way one can provide the unlimitted number of “tab rows”
(see ).
QTabBar is just a bar to represent one “tab row”. One can create as many “tab rows” as needed and layout it with any standard layout (vertical box, grid, horizotal box) or random whatever (see )


Thanks Valeri. And obviously, no need to mention that TGTab can also be nested :wink:


Then what was the scope of

I forgot to mention that first version of STAR minitor was done by S.Panitkin with ROOT Gui awhile ago. Well before the QtRoot was born :wink:

Is it possible to somehow reduce the width of the tab itself (i.e. where the tab text is placed)? In my case the text is just a number (0-64), however, the tabs have the width too large.

Screenshot from 2020-09-15 18-04-42

OK. I have solved my issue by splitting all my tabs by groups. The result is nested tab: