TGTab: is there a way to shrink tab height to zero?

Dear ROOTers,

I am looking for a way to jump between two different views of the same window/frame - just like tabs, except that I DON’T want tabs (or tab handles) to stick out. Just two frame layers to jump back and forth between (for instance via a menu command, or triggered by an outside event). I can’t use separate windows either.

A possible solution would be to use TGTab and make the tab handles invisibly small. But there is no obvious way to do that, there is a GetTabHeight(), but no SetTabHeight, the tab height being set automatically by the font size.

Does anyone have a suggestion how I might achieve this, with or without using TGTab? (I know this may sound like a strange request, but it would be really nice to have in this particular case at hand…)

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Thomas,

I see what you need and will try to prepare a small example.

Cheers, Ilka