TGTab and frames with a lot of tabs

I’m developing a stand alone application (compiled with gcc).
I use the TGTab control to display the TCanvases in my application.
But when I add a lot of tabs in my application and the number of tabs need a space major of the horizontal size of the application, the application is resized!
How is possible to avoid this? How is possible to align the tabs in two or more lines?
Thank you very much
Andrea Bulgarelli

Hi Andrea Bulgarelli,
try … MSizeHints
to fix application size.
We do not have multi row TGTabs yet. Although some time ago
I created a prototype (needs “resurection”).

Regards. Valeriy

Hi Andrea,

If you have a lot of canvases you could design your application another way, for example, in a combo box you can have a list of the canvases and selecting an entry you can display the selected canvas via the embedded canvas widget in your application. Please find attached an example that works this way.

Cheers, Ilka
multican.C (4.67 KB)