TGSlider missing the setting of the "minimum step"


I cannot find in the documentation about the minimum step* in both TGVSlider, TGHSlider and so TGSlider.
I thought it was configurable by SetScale(x) but this is just a graphical features.
I try to set it and I try click next to the Slider’s cursor the step length look like random and it depends by the SetRange(y).

Any advice?

Thank you

…and also if you try to move the mouse wheel on the Slider the SIGNAL kC_HSLIDER is passed but it does not change the value of the Slider! Unlike what it happens with a normal Scroll!!

Hi Mattia,

There is no “minimum step” in TG(H/V)Slider (and no “maximum step”, “nominal step”, “default step” either…). Steps are relative to the range.
And mouse wheel handling has just been added in svn trunk (by revision 39176)

Cheers, Bertrand.