TGraphMultiError on the same canvas

I want to draw two TGraphMultiError with statistical and syst errors on the same pad, where statistical errors as lines & systematic errors in rectangular box.
I am using TMultiGraph and adding two TGraphMultiError in this, but it does not draw systematic error boxes for both graphs.
Is there any other way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Try something like this:

mg->Add(gme_1, "PS ; ; 5 s=0.5"); // add the first TGraphMultiError
mg->Add(gme_2, "PS ; ; 5 s=0.5"); // add the second TGraphMultiError
mg->Draw("A"); // draw the TMultiGraph with "A"

and / or that:

mg->Add(gme_1); // add the first TGraphMultiError
mg->Add(gme_2); // add the second TGraphMultiError
mg->Draw("AP"); // draw the TMultiGraph with "AP"
gme_1->Draw("PS ; ; 5 s=0.5"); // redraw the first TGraphMultiError
gme_2->Draw("PS ; ; 5 s=0.5"); // redraw the second TGraphMultiError
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