TGraphErrors in ROOT6 vs ROOT5

Why is it that I have to do the following in root6 and not root5.


TGraphErrors *gr0 = new TGraphErrors(
      tree->GetSelectedRows(), tree->GetV2(),
      tree->GetV1(),  tree->GetV4(), tree->GetV3());


TGraphErrors *gr0 = new TGraphErrors(
      (Int_t)tree->GetSelectedRows(), (Double_t *)tree->GetV2(),
      (Double_t *)tree->GetV1(), (Double_t *)tree->GetV4(),(Double_t *)tree->GetV3());

If I tried running the code as written for Root5 I get an error that states that tree->GetV3() does not return a Double * . I checked GetV3() in root6 source code and it says it is a Double *.

For me without casting works fine. So, I cannot reproduce your problem.

@luismorales, maybe posting the exact error message you get might help with finding the source of the problem.


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