The last time I downloaded the ROOT 6 when I click on dowload zip and the probelem was solved, instead now when I click dowload zip I download root 5…

Can you give me the link where I can download the root 6 master please?
thank you a lot

It is not implemented in 5 only in 6

… so do the same … I do not understand … you were able to to it once … why cannot you redo it again ?

Sorry I was not very clear. I undestand that don’t work with root 5 but only root6.
The problem is, how can i download root master 6? Because the last time, form this site , when i clicked on download zip I obtained the root master 6, instead now I obtain root-master 5. So the probelm is very stupid, but i don’t understand from where I can download root master 6. I don’t believe that it is on the official site of root… so can you tell me please?
thanks a lot

if you select "master"and get the zip … you should get the master …

Yes it is that I done, I have installed this pack and I have obtained the root 5…
Maybe it is necessary have previus install a root 6?

Is on the left you select “master” and then download zip … it should be ROOT 6 … I am lost now…

Ok percfect now work, I don’t know why befor downloaded root 5.
Thank you a lot for your help :wink: