TGraphAsymmErrors(TH1*, TH1*) constructor

Dear ROOT experts,

I have switched to a new ROOT version recently (from 5.22/00d to 5.27/06b)
and have a problem with a piece of code which computes an efficiency plot via calling the constructor TGraphAsymmErrors(TH1*, TH1*).

The code used to work fine in ROOT 5.22, but does not work anymore in ROOT 5.27,
in case the histograms contain weighted entries.
In ROOT 5.27, I am getting error messages of the kind:

Error in TArrayD::At: index 0 out of bounds (size: 0, this: 0x16da9500)

I attach a simple stand-alone macro which illustrates the problem.

Please give me a hint how to get the macro running in ROOT 5.27.

Thank you very much in advance,

testTGraphErr.C (721 Bytes)


I think in 5.27.06 there was a bug. Can you try to use the trunk or the 5.28.00b ?