TGraphAsymmErrors plots are cutting off

Hey Guys,

I am making some efficiency curves and my plots are coming out really weird with the TGraphAsymmErrors class. The x-axis should run to about 800 but the curves cut off at >200. The weird thing is if I change the class type to TEfficiency they come out fine. I have tried creating the TGraphyAsymmErrors objects two ways:

    effPlots.append(ROOT.TGraphAsymmErrors(numHist, denomHist, "cl=0.683 b(1,1) mode"))


    effPlots[plotnumber].Divide(numHist, denomHist, "cl=0.683 b(1,1) mode")

neither makes a difference.

Here’s how I’m creating the TEfficiency objects:

    effPlots.append(ROOT.TEfficiency(numHist, denomHist))

The input histograms did not change at all – literally the only thing that changed was the efficiency plot object type.

Here’s the plot with TEfficiency:

Here’s the plot with TGraphAsymmErrors:

Anybody have any idea what this might be? Any help is much appreciated – thanks!!


it could be some ownership/garbage collection effect due to Python. Can you post a minimal reproducer of your issue?


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