TGraphAsymmErrors()->BayesDivide( passes, trials )

Dear ROOT users,

I’m trying to use the function BayesDivide( passes, trials ) from TGraphAsymmErrors() class for dividing two histograms (efficiency calculation) and errors’ calculation. I’m doing this four times for different cases and then plot them all on one canvas.

In the canvas I get only three efficiencies and I get the following error messages:

Info in TROOT::TEfficiency::CheckEntries: Histograms are not consistent: passed bin content > total bin content
Error in TROOT::TEfficiency::CheckConsistency: passed TEfficiency objects do not have consistent bin contents
Error in TGraphAsymmErrors::Divide: passed histograms are not consistent

I get the same messages, even when I replace the passes hist with the trial hist.
All four cases are built in the same way, so I really don’t understand what is wrong.

Maybe someone can help?


Hi fellow ROOT’ers,

 I am having this same exact problem. I create the histograms in the same way, the number of bins are the same, but I get the same three errors.

 Any ideas?

Great Thanks!!

  • Arya


It looks like your passed histogram has a bin content larger that the total one. If it is not the case, please post a running macro showing this problem

Best Regards