TGraphAsymmErrors and gDirectory->ls()

rather sorry for this trivial question, but i don’t manage to find something about it.
i have:
TGraphAsymmErrors* T= new TGraphAsymmErrors(); T->SetName(“T”);
if i do: gDirectory->ls(); i don’t see it. (indeed, i want to retrieve a set of TGraphAsymmErrors* in an interactive ROOT session, with TGraphAsymmErrors* gT = (TGraphAsymmErrors*)gDirectory->Get(“T”);

how can i be able to figure out if “T” is in the gDirectory?
i cannot use SetDirectory, because it does have it.
thanks in advance.


Use: gDirectory->Append(T);


oh i see! thank you so much! I wonder why by default the TGraph is not included in gDirectory like e.g. TH1.
thanks for the feedback.