TGraph2D without interpolation

At the moment we are developing a new 64 pixels X-ray detector. Therefore I performed measurements of the leakage current per pixel. The value of this current per pixel is known. Now I would like to make a “map” of this current, that is, I would like to create 8x8 bins (the pixels) with a specific colour representing the value of the current.
I am able to make these kinds of current maps (see attachment) using

TGraph2D *m = new TGraph2D();

and then filling it using:


and then plotting it

However, the data points are interpolated, something that I do not want. Is there a possibility that these points are not interpolated. That I just create a field of points/bins with a colour representing the value(!) in that point or bin? I know that one can use “p” or “p0” options but that is less representative. It would be very useful to translate the hight of these p or p0 markers into a color.

Thank you very much in advance.

Bob Dirks

Instead of a TGraph2D use a TH2F and draw it with option "colz"
or box


Thank you! yes, using TH2F and then SetBinContent makes things much more easier…