TGraph2D: logarithmic z-axis

I guess @amadio can tells you how to access a different ROOT version on lxplus.

Note: you will need ROOT 6.12/04 or newer.

@couet Could you please mark in the JIRA issue which are the affected versions and fixed ones? I think that would make it easier.

@IzaakWN You can load ROOT from lxplus7 like this:

$ source /cvmfs/

Please just remember to adjust the platform if needed. Cheers,

Hi @couet, @Wile_E_Coyote & @amadio, thanks for your replies. I was using 6.06/09 (via CMSSW_8_1_0), but I managed to get it working with root 6.12/07 (via CMSSW_10_2_0).

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Done . Thanks for the reminder.