TGraph to Ntuple or TTree

Dear rooters,

Could you let me have some hints for getting TGraph elements?

Actually I need to scale Xaxis values of TGraph, I mean,

I’ve got TGraph from TMinuit for SCAN(mnscan), but I’m using TFractionFitter, so the Xaxis represent the ‘fraction’ of the parameter of the fitter.

So, by multiplying the ‘weight’ which is returned from TFractionFitter, I would like to see the SCAN distributions as term of ‘yields’.
(Also again, I need to fit scan distribution to check the fitter…)

To do these, I thought it might be possible if I could convert the TGraph to Ntuples, but it’s really hard work for me…

Could you please share your wisdom?
Thanks so much,

Dear all,

Really I can’t understand why “Print()” has not been seen to my eyes… :smiley:

Thanks! Have a nice day!