TGraph doesn't set correct range while drawing


I’m creating some TGraph objects in athena, and registering them using the regGraph method of THistSvc. They transfer fine, except they seem ignorant of their own boundaries. If I open the root file athena outputs with CINT, and tell them to draw, it doesn’t correctly scale the x-axis, so none of the data points show. I can only draw it if I use something else to set the borders. For example, putting the TGraph into a TMultiGraph, and then drawing the TMultiGraph works.

However, it doesn’t seem like this should necessary. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Are you drawing your graph with option “a” ? such that the graph range is computed.


Yes. For example, where my graph is called calGraph, I type:

It only draws the x and y axes up to about 1. However, the following does draw the points correctly:

TMultiGraph mg

It also works to draw something else, like say a TH1F, and then draw the TGraph on the same TCanvas.

Could you post the shortest running script reproducing your problem?
Also specify which version of ROOT.