TGProgressBar finishes way before loop

ROOT Version : 6.12/04
Hello all, I’ve created a TGProgressBar to track the progress of my TTreeReader Loop. The problem is that the progress bar “finishes” way before my loop through the tree.

I create my progress bar like so:

TGMainFrame *fMain = new TGMainFrame(gClient->GetRoot(), 600, 300);
TGVerticalFrame *fVframe = new TGVerticalFrame(fMain, 0, 0, 0);
TGHProgressBar *Prog = new TGHProgressBar(fVframe, TGProgressBar::kFancy, 300);
Prog->ShowPosition(kTRUE, kFALSE, "%.0f events");
Prog->SetRange(0, number_of_events);
fVframe->Resize(300, 300);
fMain->SetWindowName("Progress Bar for Event Loop");
TGDimension size = fMain->GetDefaultSize();


Then in my TTreeReader loop I do:

int cnt = 0;
while (reader.Next()) {

   //Do some analysis . . . . 

    if (reader.GetCurrentEntry()%1000 == 0) gSystem->ProcessEvents();

My TTree has about 47 million events in it, and takes about 140 seconds to loop through, whereas the progressbar fills up in maybe 5 seconds.


is the number_of_events parameter a float? (as it should be…)

Yes it is a float.:stuck_out_tongue:

Then I would need a minimal reproducer…

My ROOT file is quite large (10 Gb), so I’m not sure how I can upload it to here…

OK, forget it, I’ll try to reproduce it when I have some time…

Cheers, Bertrand.

I think I figured it out, I was incrementing an integer ‘cnt’ by one every loop and then calling prog->increment(cnt), as below

int cnt = 0;
for (.......) {
    cnt += 1;

so the maximum of the progress bar was being reached well before the loop was over

I changed it to


and now it works correctly, thank you anyways!

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OOps! Sorry, I overlooked your code… Please try to replace:



And let me know.

Cheers, Bertrand.

Yep, that’ll do it. Thanks

Sorry, I just saw that I was too late… :tired_face:

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