TGPicturePool issue

Hi Rooters,
I am puzzled about a feature / issue of TGPicturePool:
I am creating a picture from a XPM, creation works and the picture can be used.
However the picture seems not to be stored.

#include "hpxpy.xpm"
// create a picture from xpm output: static char *asxpm[] = {...
	const TGPicture * pict1 = gClient->GetPicturePool()->GetPicture("h1", (char**)asxpm);
// why does the following not work, pppp is NULL ?????
	const TGPicture * pppp = gClient->GetPicturePool()->GetPicture("h1", (UInt_t)80,(UInt_t)80);
	std::cout << "Try to get picture after creation: pppp " << pppp << std::endl;

Is this behaviour intended?

I att a little worked example,.
Note: Since attachments may not have the extension xpm you should
move them from .h -> .xpm
I use 5.34.22 on Ub 14.04.01

removegrid.h (414 Bytes)
hpxpc.h (39.5 KB)
tgui.C (1.58 KB)