TGLViewer and small objects

Dear Rooters,
when viewing a TView3D in a canvas with OpenGL small objects seem to be
discarded (root v 5.34.04 on Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64) . The att macro demonstrates this:
Zooming into the TView3D shows all 16 squares (note smallest should be blue).
When viewing it with OpenGL from the View popup I see only 11.
This seems academic but zooming into the vertex region of the event display:
illustrates what I mean.
Is there a way to change this lower limit?

small_squares.C (871 Bytes)


The limit is hardcoded in TGLCamera::OfInterest(), somehwat historically. It was decreased by factor of 100 a couple of years back and changed to use bounding box diagonal, not volume (which really sucked for 1D and 2D objects) :slight_smile:

You can use static member functionTGLLogicalShape::SetIgnoreSizeForCameraInterest(kTRUE); to bypass this check.