TGListBox::Select(Int_t) with multiple selection

I have a class derived from TGListBox, for which I have written the function to make it easier to select a given entry by text.

Bool_t MyClass::Select(const char *name, Bool_t sel)
    TGLBEntry *entry = FindEntry(name);
    if(!entry) return false;
    cerr<<"Selecting: "<<entry->EntryId()<<endl;
    TGListBox::Select(entry->EntryId(), sel);

Although I have set SetMultipleSelections(kTRUE), repeated calls to this Select function has the effect of only selecting the last, and
deselecting all previously selected entries. Why?

Thank you


I cannot reproduce this strange behavior, and don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work…
Could you post your code or at least a working macro showing the problem?



As complement of information, there was one issue with the TGListBox::Select method: it was always deselecting the last active entry (the last on which the user clicked). This is now fixed in svn trunk.

Cheers, Bertrand.