TGLCamera ortho projections


I cannot represent a detector with the correct orientation by using the provided projections in TGLOrthoCamera XOY, XOZ and YOZ. I would need a YOX and a ZOX projection.
I tried to project and then rotate (RotateRad() or Rotate() methods) but the rotation doesn’t occur around the projected plane (e.g for the XOY projection I would ned to rotate about z). See attached picture.

Is there a way to do this?


ROOT 6.10/08 mac os 10.13.4

Could it be one of those works for you?

You could also enable arc-ball rotation through (a key in viewer):
This ignores the “up” direction and always rotates around current view axes.


Hello Matevz,
unfortunately kXnOY I had tried but it gives me a 180° rotation (I need a 90° rotation). I also tried with SetArcBall(True) and all possible combinations of rotations but no success (see the image).
I would essentially need a projection with “Looking along Z axis, X vert, Y horz”. Is it not possible for the user to define his own projection by inputing two TGLVector3? I guess this would be the simplest.

ok finally got it
(maybe good anyhow to have the possibility to directly make your projection camera from the start, it took me some time!)


Yay, I’m glad you worked it out.

I agree the current camera system is bit silly … will try to do better for root-7, with arbitrary list of user specified (and named) cameras one can create (through enums or by specifying vectors) and swap in a useful manner.


this would be nice indeed, thanks

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