TGLCamera build error


Whilst compiling root 5.32.04 on Mac 10.8, g++ 4.2.1 I get this error:

root-5.32.04/graf3d/gl/src/TGLCamera.cxx: In member function ‘TGLRect TGLCamera::ViewportRect(const TGLBoundingBox&, const TGLBoundingBox::EFace*) const’: root-5.32.04/graf3d/gl/src/TGLCamera.cxx:372: error: cannot convert ‘const Int_t*’ to ‘const GLint*’ for argument ‘6’ to ‘GLint gluProject(GLdouble, GLdouble, GLdouble, const GLdouble*, const GLdouble*, const GLint*, GLdouble*, GLdouble*, GLdouble*)’Has anyone come across this? Is there a fix?


If you only run the preprocessor (-E) on this file, where is GLint typdef coming from … and what is it?
As things seem to work for everybody else I’d suspect you have a somewhat strange glew.h coming in from somewhere else.

Did you configure with --disable-builtin-glew? If yes, try without this.