So I have some problem when trying to change the
background, foreground, font, … in TGLabel: if label is TGLabel* then
the following operations left some text which I can’t get rid of:
label->SetTextColor (blue);
label->ChangeBackground (blue);
So normally I will expect this will left me with blue only
but it’s not the case
The following picture shows this (I hope):

And this thing stays there even if I change the font etc.
So how to get rid of this thing? And anyway it doesn’t seems
very normal. (working with 5.06/00)

Probably something have to be chainged in TGGC. I’ve already tried couple of things without success:)

I’m having the same problem. It is very annoying to read. I’ve attached a simple example
code. Any suggestions for how to fix it?
ltest.C (7.61 KB)

Hi Jimmy and Chris,

Chris’ example does not run on SLC3 and WinXP/cygwin versions of root, but I was able to reproduce the problem and will provide a fix after my current task is finished. I will keep you informed.

Cheers, Ilka

Hi Jimmy and Chris,

The fix is in cvs head.

Cheers, Ilka

Hi Ilka,
I’m sorry for the late replay but I was away these days so what can I say… sorry for
the extra work:)

Hi Jimmy,

No problem. Please check your case with cvs head and let me know.

Thank you, Ilka

Thanks for the help!