TGLabel Font Color change

What is the correct sequence of calls to change the color of a TGLabel font?

Hi Chris,

If the label was already created, you can use: ULong_t color; gClient->GetColorByName("blue", color); lbl3->SetTextColor(color);If you want to create a label with different color, font, background, the code is: TGGC *fTextGC; const TGFont *font = gClient->GetFont("-*-times-bold-r-*-*-18-*-*-*-*-*-*-*"); if (!font) font = gClient->GetResourcePool()->GetDefaultFont(); FontStruct_t labelfont = font->GetFontStruct(); GCValues_t gval; gval.fMask = kGCBackground | kGCFont | kGCForeground; //define what will be changed gval.fFont = font->GetFontHandle(); gClient->GetColorByName("red", gval.fBackground); fTextGC = gClient->GetGC(&gval, kTRUE); lbl = new TGLabel(fMain, "HasBackground", fTextGC->GetGC(), labelfont, kChildFrame, color); lbl->SetTextColor(color);
Cheers, Ilka

Thanks for the code snippet!