TGeoXtru geometry


I’m working with TGeoXtru in SLitrani, and even though the geometry seems to work fine,
when I generate photons inside that geometry it gives me a warning error

K TLitPhoton::AgainstRev Step should be infinitesimal step: 0.25

this doesn’t happen when I use TGeoBox or TGeoTrd1.

Do you have any suggestion to solve this issue?

thanks a lot,

Dear Yani,

You have already posted a savannah bug related to this and I already replied. To make it more clear: we do not know the internals of SLitrani framework so it is hard to give you an advice or identify the problem. It may well be that the SLitrani propagator makes some assumptions which are wrong, or indeed there may be a bug in TGeoXtru. To spot this, we need:

  • the geometry you are using as .root file (using TGeoManager::Export)
  • point and direction coordinates (15 decimals precision) + the geometry call revealing this error message.

So I am still waiting for this info attached to the already opened bug to be able to do something.