TGeoTubeSeg Geant4 immense energy loss


I observed a rather strange problem in my Geant4 simulation with a root geometry I created. I am using 1.5GeV/c protons. Strangely enough these protons are stopped completely within a layer of 200mu thick diamond. The diamond disks are in the shape of a tube segment (they dont span the full phi angle). Hence I initially created these diamond disks with TGeoTubeSeg, which caused all protons to be stuck in the diamond layer.
Also I tried to construct the diamond volumes in a different way. I used a TGeoTube and two TGeoBBoxes to cut the phi range I want using TGeoCompositeShape. Then everything seems to be fine and the protons are not stopped within the diamond disk.

Any ideas or tips/hints?

Ok I think I found the answer myself

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