TGeoMixture cannot distinguish isomers? POST #2

Hi @agheata,

A post last year was closed citing a solution, however I just checked the most recent version of ROOT (6.24.06) and the same wrong output still occurs.

I believe a fix was suggested by you in the geom/geom/src/TGeoMaterial.cxx but some reason it was not accepted into the main branch of the code?

Can you please look into this. This is a significant error if the decay processes are not properly treating the isomers.


ROOT Version: 6.24.06
Platform: CentOS 7.5
Compiler: GCC

Hi Evan,

Changes were applied to master branch.
Next ROOT release 6.26.00 will include these modifications.
It should appear very soon.


@linev - Ah, OK. I thought it was to come out in a minor release. Thanks for clarifying, looking forward to it.

Hi, the change is already available in 6.25.02

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