TGeoManager path question

Suppose i know a full path to the node i’m interested in. I need to get TGeoHMatrix associated to that node. The shortes way i found is


Here ALIC is a mother volume of my node and Rich_7 is the node name.

I’m quite sure there must be much easier way to do this task by providing the full path
like gGeoManager->Get???(“ALIC_1/Rich_7”) but unable to figure it out.

Hi Kiril,

It is OK to retreive a LOCAL matrix like this. In this particular case it is even the same as the global one. Anyway, I hope you do not do this often…(as during Stepping). A faster way is to backup the matrix when you create it in your geometry.

Indeed, there is a :

but this is not necessary faster or smarter… Probably just more suitable when your matrix is deeper.