TGeoManager and GLViewer


I’ve built my detector’s geometry using the TGeoManager and I’ve added my tracks.

I can draw them , animate them etc… in the TCanvas . But is there a way to draw the tracks in the GLViewer ?

Also, in the Manual , chapter 19, there is a link to a cool animation :

  1. the link is now dead
  2. How can I draw my particle motion this way ? (as an arrow pointing in the motion direction ). My guess is I’m not using the good viewer (?)

Thanks !

Mathieu B

PS I’ve joined a root file containing a TGeomanager with an event in it.
You just need to retrieve the TGeoManager named “Evenement_3_4”

You just need to Draw and animate in the Time range [0,9e-7 s] to see what I’ve got for now.
Animation_3_4.root (1.33 MB)

Hi Mathieu,

TGeoTrack does not work with the GL viewer. For doing some animation with OGL (tracks and geometry) we need an API at the viewer level which is not yet there. Animaton using gGeoManager->AnimateTracks() may have now problems even in the pad because gPad->Update() works asyncroneously.

For the link, I temporary removed the files, but I will put them back. For 2), this is the default way a track segment is drawn - you shoud just change the marker style/size (TVirtualGeoTrack inherits from TAttMarker).