TFumili - using without ROOT


I would like to use some functions and classes of ROOT for my own app,
which is strongly connected to some other GUI. Recently, I successfully adapted TMath, now I am interested in TFumili. As I see, it is strongly ROOTish, i.e. I need to use histographs, etc, which assume canvas, etc.
Is there a less ROOTish version of TFumili available? Or is there an example how to do the simplest way what I want?


I am afraid that it is difficult to satisfy your request.
We provide a service to users of our framework who want to have a quick solution to their problem, eg fitting.

If you want to steal lines of code from some ROOT classes, you are free to do so, but I am afraid that the ROOT team cannot provide support for this type of operation.

The TFumili code has no connection with graphics or GUI.
A good programmer should be able to extract the algorithm without too much pain.