I run this script and get the error below. note that the works fine

TFTP ftp(“root://”);
if(! ftp.IsOpen())
exit 0;
// ftp.ListDirectory();"/cdf/scratch/manca/stn/trileptons/D0_point/");;
int info = ftp.GetFile(“giulia2.stn.0605”,“giulia2.stn.0605”);
cout << " info " << info << endl;
Remote host: [1094]
Remote user: gold
TCP window size: 65535
Rootd protocol: 4
Transfer block size: 524288
Transfer mode: binary
Bytes sent: 0
Bytes received: 0
Error in TFTP::GetFile: bad op code
info -1

This is the end of ROOT – Goodbye


Unfortunately I could not reproduce the problem with a recent version of ROOT.
Could you please specify which versions your are running (on both server and client sides)?

G. Ganis