TFraction Fitter not giving proper fit

Hi there,
I am trying to fit data using the TFraction fitter, but I am not getting proper fitting. I have provided 4 sample files, and one data file, using Tfraction fitter I want to get a fraction of each sample. I am attaching the code and .root files
7He.root (5.7 KB)
6He.root (5.7 KB)
4He.root (5.6 KB)
r1.root (6.2 KB)
silver_background.root (5.8 KB)
data.root (5.8 KB)
Fitterfinal1.C (4.1 KB)

Your fit does not work because your 4-th histogram (mc003) has a different number of bins and it is not compatible with the others. You should probably rebin it to have the same number of bins as the others.

If I exclude it in the fit the fit produces a result, although it is not very good


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