Hi everyone, I’m a new rooter and I have a problem, any help is REALLY appreciated!!!

I have a root file with this hierarchy of TFolder objects:
and various histograms in each trk_ folder. The problem is that these histos have the same name so I don’t know how to access to them since the Get() method doesn’t work on TFolder object.
How can I do?

Thank you

use the FindObject method


Hello, thanks for replying.
Here I report a simplified structure of the file.

TFile**         my_data.root
 TFile*         my_data.root
  KEY: TFolder  Ana;1   StnAna folder
root [2] Ana->ls()
TFolder*                Ana     StnAna folder
 TFolder*               TrackAna        TrackAna
   TFolder*             trk_0   trk_0
    OBJ: TH1F   Eta     TrackAna: Eta : 0 at: 0x8c7cee0
   TFolder*             trk_1   trk_1
    OBJ: TH1F   Eta     TrackAna: Eta : 0 at: 0x8de1750  
   TFolder*             trk_2   trk_2
    OBJ: TH1F   Eta     TrackAna: Eta : 0 at: 0x8df8768
   TFolder*             trk_3   trk_3
    OBJ: TH1F   Eta     TrackAna: Eta : 0 at: 0x8e0f780

if I try TH1F *histo=(TH1F*)gROOT->FindObject("Eta")
histo points to the Eta histogram that is in TFolder trk_0. How to get a pointer to the other histograms?