TFolder deprecated, use TDirectory instead?

Hi Rooters,

I stumbled in the documentation of TFolder over the statement, that this is legacy code. Unfortunately it is not mentioned what to use instead. My guess it TDirectory. Is this right? Are there any specfic recommondations for the upcoming ROOT7 concerning the root file format. Examples? I will need to update some of our old code, and would be happy to do it such that I will not need to iterate it in the near future again.


_ROOT Version: v6.28
_Platform: Linux

Hi Andreas,

Could we have a chat / call (together with @pcanal ) say next week to understand your use case and what we can recommend? If so please contact me in a private message to arrange for a time slot - in the European afternoon, after 16:00, for Philippe to be able to join. Thanks!

Cheers, Axel

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