TFitterMinuit.h not found in include dir

I am building root_v5.30.04.source by simply typing ‘configure’ and ‘make’ without any options.
The build succeeds and I can run root afterwards if I source bin/

However I have a software package where TFitterMinuit.h is included and not found because it is not present in $ROOTSYS/include . Other ROOT header files, e.g. TFitter.h were copied there when I ran make and in the ROOT binary tarball it is also there.

Why was TFitterMinuit.h not copied to $ROOTSYS/include?
What am I doing wrong?



You have probably to do

./configure --enable-minuit2

However, TFitterMinuit is an old file implementing an old interface and it is there only for backward compatibility. If you want to use Minuit2, or any other minimizer, you should use the Minimizer interface,

see … idim_minim


I used --enable-minuit2 as you suggested and not it works.

Thanks, Lorenzo!