<TFITSHDU::LoadHDU>: error opening FITS file

I used root-6-20-8, and the code in tutorials/fitsio/ can run well.

But when I read a fits file in the same way as shown in code in tutorials/fitsio/, there is a error as following:

Warning in TFITSHDU::LoadHDU: error opening FITS file. Details: bad first row number
Error in TRint::HandleTermInput(): Exception caught!

My problem is the HDU including data with TFORM of 16X (bit) can not be read and other HDU without 16X type data can be read. Some information of HDU that cannot be read is shown in the figure below.

I do not know why and how to solve this problem. I will be very grateful if anyone can give me any advice.

Best wishes,

Hi Zoey,

I am sorry you are experiencing this issue.
6.20 is a very old version: do you see the same problem with a recent one?


Hi Danilo,

Thank you very much for your replying.

Because of some problems during installation about cmake and the operation system, I could not install the latest version.

If there is no way to solve the HDU problem, I would try to install the latest version again. However, this problem was figured out in 2017, so I am afraid there might be still such a problem in a newer version.

Best wishes,

Hi Danilo,
Thank you again for your replying.

I need to read other columns rather than 16X-type data, but I could not read the relevant HDU.

I still have some problems with installation of latest-version root.
So I wonder if you have the latest root, could you please check if fits data can be read with the code and data attached?
PleaseCheck.zip (2.3 MB)

If it could not work, I will stop trying the latest-version installation.
Welcome any further advice.

Thank you and best wishes,


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