TFileInfo list / TChain from list of files in a text file?


Is there a preexisting feature which will create a multi-file TChain or TList of TFileInfo* (to be passed to TChain::AddFileInfoList() ) from a simple text file containing URLs:


Such a routine is easy to write but I want to make sure it’s not there somewhere. Also, will castor and dcache play nice together if in the same list?


Hi Mike,

we re currently implementing this functionality. It will be available shortly.

Cheers, Fons.

Dear Mike,

In CVS head, TFileInfo has a static function TFileInfo::CreateList(const char *txtfile) which creates a list if TFileInfos from a file like yours, whose path is given in input.

Yes, there should not be any problem with that.

G. Ganis