TFile would not "RECREATE" existing files if large

I had a bunch of root files of vaious size 300MB - 11Gb which needed to be recreated. In my program I create TFile with option “RECREATE”.

All the files smaller 2GB have been recreated.

All the files larger than 2GB are the same old files.

If I were to delete all files first, then all files are recreated ok ( actually “created” now).

I suspect there is a problem with 2GB limit here, but I don’t see how.

I do place limit on file size, but it is 25GB.

My file system on RedHat 9.0 supports large files.
Version 4.01/05 10 December 2004.

this misbehaviour could have caused major confusion in data analysis

( maybe already did for some folks )

if I had some subtle cut difference between new and old files.

Only imagine: part of data has new cuts, part of data has old cuts and
god help to catch that new cuts work only partially. After all, they do help to cut background.

Anyway, any idea what’s going on ?

Yes, I am aware of this problem.
In the case of large files TUnixSystem::AccessPathName is not returning the right answer.
I hope that we will have the time to fix this problem before we cut this release.


just forgot I guess …