TFile::Open not working

I’m trying to use TFile::Open to create a file, but it just tries to open a nonexistent file.
Within a larger macro, I have:

  TString filename = "Data/SiPM_"+num+"_"+name_pde+"_"+nSeed+"_"+tpb+"_"+evt_type+".root";
  TFile *fout = TFile::Open(filename,"recreate");

And I get the error:

SysError in <TFile::TFile>: file Data/SiPM_1000_0p125_S31416_TPBoff_NR.root can not be opened (No such file or directory)

How do you get it to create a new file?

_ROOT Version: 6.10/04
_Platform: Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows
_Compiler: ?

It seems that the “Data” subdirectory does not exist. You MUST create it (it can even be done from inside of ROOT like “gSystem->mkdir("Data", kTRUE);”) and then ROOT will be able to (re)create any files inside of it.

Thank you, that worked!

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