TFile Open from Gitlab

Hi, I wanted to open a ROOT File from GitLab repo. I tried:

TFile* file = TFile::Open(“url/filename”);
TFile* file = TFile::Open(“url/filename”, “WEB”);

But It didn’t find the file.

How can I do it?


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root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open(""); f->ls();'
root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open(""); f->ls();'

It works, but I don’t understand the difference between this and my code. Maybe the GitLab server is spoiling something?


You may need something like: "http://myusername:mypasswd@my.server/my/file.root"
Make sure that “wget” works, e.g.: wget http://myusername:mypasswd@my.server/my/file.root

Here’s a simple GitHub test (note: the “View raw” link is used):
root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open(""); f->ls();'

That GitHub test works, I guess that the difference is the permission, my repository is private. How can I add this?

Make sure you can retrieve your file with the “wget” and/or “curl”. Then ROOT should be able to retrieve it, too.

I can retrieve it with “wget” but ROOT is giving me the error:

Error in : can not open file “path/file” with davix: Result HTTP 404 : File not found after 3 attempts (18)

Have you added the “token”, e.g.:

@Axel We need someone who could have a look at it.

What do you mean? Where should I add this?

How exactly do you get your file with “wget”?

wget path /filename

Do I understand it right that when you:
you really get the raw “filename.root” (which you can then open in ROOT)?

@Axel … ROOT 6.26/10 on a Ubuntu 22.04 / x86_64 / GCC 11.3.0 fails in a simple test: → HepMC/HepMC3 → python/test/inputIO4.root

This is a public repository, so “wget” doesn’t need any tokens:

wget "" -O inputIO4.root

wget "" -O inputIO4.root

Unfortunately, ROOT fails:

root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open("");'

root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open("");'

Even if I try to use a “Personal Access Token” (a “read_repository” or “read_api” one):

root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open("");'

root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open("");'

In all cases, I get the following:

Error in <TDavixFile::Init>: file is truncated at 0 bytes: should be 2127856, trying to recover
Warning in <TDavixFile::Init>: no keys recovered, file has been made a Zombie

root -l -q -b -e 'TFile *f = TFile::Open("");' works more or less well :slight_smile:

@Axel Could you please post the relevant link to GitLab documentation?

The one I know is:

GitLab → API Docs → REST API resources → Repository files API → Get raw file from repository

I just went here

Then there’s the “Download” button on the right, I took its URL. Note that GitLab is no full featured web server - this isn’t as fast / efficient as a regular Apache / nginx etc.

@Axel Could you please try “your method” with some “private GitLab repository” (which requires a “private_token” to retrieve files)?

Sorry, I just decided to use another strategy, so this is no longer necessary. Thank you for your help

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