TFile::MakeProject fails creating AtlFast AOD objects

I like to read a root file that contains few TTree objects that use custom object to collect the informations.

To avoid to import on my laptop large library I attempted to use TFile::MakeProject to create the needed classes, as I did in other similar case. But in this case the method crashed, with a segfault. the error message is attached.

The files.txt attachment shows the list of file generated by the MakeProject method. The files that seems meeing are: the LinkDef.h and ProjectDict.cxx. The ROOT file that needs all this class is attached.

Wich the reason of this error? Is it possible to avoid the problem? or continue the work by hand?

Thanks in advance
rootlog.txt (9.6 KB)
AOD.pool.root (582 KB)
files.txt (1.19 KB)

I fixed the crash (due to a class with the following name!!)

Navigable<JetCollection,double,vector<pair<ElementLink<JetCollection,DataProxyStorage<JetCollection>,ForwardIndexingPolicy<JetCollection> >,double> > >

After this fix, I still see a problem when compiling the classes. We will try to fix this problem before this week release. Thanks for providing the file and reporting the problem.


Hi Rene and thanks.

I can confirm that now TFile::MakeProject() works well, completing the headers creation.

I think that the same problem with the long class name is the reason for another crash that i receive attempting to create the Proxy for the same TTree. I guess this because the same class name appears in the dictionary.

I’ll wait the complete fix.


The problem with MakeProject is now fixed in the SVN trunk.
I can also reproduce the problem with MakeProxy; I am currently investigating.


I tried the MakeProject and was ok. There are news on the MakeProxy side?