Tfile.h no such file or directory

I need help, it is the first time I use root, I installed it correctly in ubuntu 18, the root version is 6.18, I am trying to make root work with pythia through this line in a makefile:

g++ -I/home/jadi/software/pythia/pythia8310/include root-config --cflags -o @ -lpythia8 -L/home/jadi/software/pythia/pythia8310/lib root-config --glibs

and it gives me the error:

make histpkp
g++ -I/home/jadi/software/pythia/pythia8310/include root-config --cflags -o histpkp -lpythia8 -L/home/jadi/software/pythia/pythia8310/lib root-config --glibs fatal error: Tfile.h: no such file or directory
#include “Tfile.h”
compilation terminated.

Dear @jadimtz13 ,

Are you sure your environment has a working ROOT installation? Can you check that

$: root

Starts a ROOT prompt as expected?

After that, judging by the error you posted from above fatal error: Tfile.h: no such file or directory
#include “Tfile.h”

Is this a typo? Or are you actually writing "Tfile.h" in your program? The correct header name is TFile.h with a capital F.


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