<TFile::Flush>: error slushing (Connection timed out)

Dear reader,

I have a file open and then do some (lengthy) calculations and when I want to write to the file I get the `timed out’ error:

SysError in TFile::Flush: error flushing file MainPQ.root (Connection timed out)

This is new to me, this file is located on a drive where my tokens are still valid. I don’t want this time out thing to happen, how do I `stop’ that timer??

Any comment is very welcome.

Ytsen. :cry:

Please give more details


Please forgive me, I have been too hasty, it turned out that my file server here at DESY was offline.

I did not notice in it ROOT however, because the other files apparantly still were in memory. So I still could get the directory listing!, except for this specific file.

Sorry for your time.


Ytsen. :blush: