TFeldman result

Hi, another question I found is I check the result by using root TFeldman but I found some results are different with Feldman Paper. I don’t know what happend. The upper figure is from root TFeldman and the lower figure is from Feldman paper.

Hi @Jasmine,

Both tables look the same to me; am I missing something on your post?


Hi, I’m sorry I sumbited wrong figure. I have resumbited, please check it agian.

Still, both posted images are in fact the same file (with SHA1 hash 5a4a249629a652bd5f15f4c8c903db69ddc1f742). Please, double-check.


Sorry, how about now?

Now they are indeed different. However, I am sorry I cannot help you, but I am sure @moneta can.


Thank you for your help!
Dear @moneta,
May you help me to check what happend? Thank you !

@moneta ,Sorry to bother you again, I have checked some other materials but I can’t still find why there’re some difference. Could you please check it ?

Hi ,
I suspect a numerical problem for the case nobs=0 in the TFeldmanCousins class. I will investigate it. However, you should really be careful for using this class for setting limits when you observe much less events than expected.
What is normally used for setting limits in this case (e.g. at LHC) is the CLs method.