TF1Convolution Zero in ROOT 6.18

As a followup to this question, I still can’t seem to get TF1Convolution to work upgrading from 6.10.08 to 6.18.

The attached MWE is more in-line with what I’m trying to accomplish than the simple example I gave in the previous topic. I’m not sure if it’s the large range I need to fit to or some other issue, but the convolved function is zero in 6.18 but it works properly in 6.10.08.
Conv18_0730.cxx (1.8 KB)

I’d like to upgrade versions ASAP since in 6.10, convolution fits have a memory issue where they constantly eat up more RAM the longer the fits run, so I keep using up all 128Gb of our server’s memory…

ROOT Version: 6.18/00
Platform: linuxx8664gcc
Compiler: Not Provided


I can reproduce now the problem you observe. I will investigate it and let you know
Thank you for reporting this


The problem is fixed now in the ROOT master (see ) and I will also bring the fix in the 6.18 patches

Best regards


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