TF1::GetRandom does not reflect parameters set by TF1::SetParameter


In ROOT 6.04.00, random numbers generated by TF1::GetRandom does not follow the function
when parameters are set by TF1::SetParameter or TF1::SetParameters.

The tiny example is bellow.

ROOT> TF1 f1 {"f1", "gaus", -5, 5};
ROOT> f1.SetParameters(1, 1, 1);
ROOT> f1.GetRandom();
(Double_t) inf

If running in other version, it works correctly.

The simple solution is to call TF1::Update explicitly. But, such a way is not comaptible if running at other version…

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This was a problem with 6.4.00. If you are using the patched version 6.04.02 should work fine.

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