TextMate bundle for ROOT

Hi all,

I have started building a TextMate bundle for quick development of ROOT projects.

It is still lacking most of the methods that is commonly used, but instead of guessing what could be useful, I’d rather have some feedback to go on.

First off, TextMate is an attempt to create a no-fuss replacement of Emacs for Macs. Its power lies in the way it handles snippets of code, and shortcuts.

The idea behind the bundle I’ve started is to make it easy to do ROOT apps without having to remember everyting by heart.

You can download the bundle here:

When installed, you can simply type tc to insert TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas(“c1”,“My Canvas”,200,10,700,500); where continuing with lets you jump to the various input parameters.

Another small feature is that +R executes the macro directly in CINT, for fast testing. (+B builds a makefile)

So, the perspective is to extend the bundling with as many snippets and use-cases as possible.

I would welcome any feedback, and if somebody is interested in helping, perhaps it should be published at a public repository.


I have added the bundle to a GitHub Repository: http://github.com/mdj/ROOT.tmbundle