TEveTrackPropagator use in non event display


I am trying to track a particle through a magnetic field in order to get its position on arbitrary planes. I do not need or want any display and thus do not call TEveManager. I decided to use the TEveTrackPropagator class as a start since it has some nice methods like TEveTrackPropagator::IntersectPlane. I have used it as a base class and added some improvements (like getting not only the position but the momentum direction).

A problem arises when I try to use this in the analysis of larger data sets. A lot of memory is being used and it crashes.

Should I not try to use the EVE libraries like this? There appears to be a lot of overhead associated with the actual display (with which I am not interested).

Is there another library which does the particle propagation through a magnetic field, which I should perhaps use with instead?

Thanks in advance!


You could try snatching TEveTrackPropagator out of Eve completely and only take functionality that you need.

Why is it using a lot of memory? The only thing that could use it are the points where tracks pass through as this is needed for display … and that’s why eve track propagator is there for :slight_smile:

Where is it crashing?

GEANE is a library for track propagation you might want to look at: